Nesting Box Camera - 2001



I have mounted (with the grateful assistance of colleagues at work) a small Black and White Camera into the top of a Blue Tit nesting box.

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NEWS  - 02 June 2001
All the birds have finally flown the nest, sadly however, it has revealed two dead chicks in the bottom of the nesting box. I will give it a couple of days and remove them, and see if the boxed is used again in the summer.

NEWS - 06 June 2001

I have removed the dead chicks from the nesting box, now watching to see if the tits decide to raise a second brood, the RSPB have told me that this sometimes this does happen in the North and East - We will wait and see. The original family still are using the garden, we spotted 8 of them sitting on, or around the peanut feeder today.


The camera still has a bit of a fault which causes the occasional odd pictures to be uploaded, I will put a timer on the camera so it is off during the hours of darkness, hopefully that will keep it working a little longer. Plans already in hand for the colour camera next year

I will still put saved interesting pictures here just in case!

Any comments?


Earlier captured interesting frames.

tit020601.jpg (38153 bytes)

tit290501.jpg (33100 bytes)

tit220501.jpg (58964 bytes)

tit200501.jpg (35817 bytes)

170501.jpg (38124 bytes)

tit110501.jpg (41443 bytes)


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tit1150401.jpg (28927 bytes)

tit150401.jpg (28901 bytes)

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